Featured Player: Becca Sanders

If you asked her Mom she would say that she always knew Becca would be
a drummer in a bagpipe band. This knowledge was based solely on
reactions to pipe bands marching past her in parades before Becca was
born.  Becca took up drumming in elementary school band and started
learning how to play tenor drum in the 8th grade. She attended
Shorecrest High School in Seattle Washington, the only high school in
the state that happens to have a student pipe band. Her very first
performance with the band was the Homecoming assembly her freshman
year. During 4 years of high school and for several years after
graduation Becca was active with the high school as well as the alumni


Becca took a break from playing with pipe bands to attend the Dick
Grove School of Music in Los Angeles where she studied vocal
performance. After moving to Nashville in 1998, Becca was able to
rekindle her love of playing with pipe bands when she joined the NP&D
Grade IV band. She has been active in the band since then attending
competitions around the southeast as well as performing in local and
out of town gigs that the band participates in. Becca has also served as an officer for many years as Secretary and Treasurer.

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