4/4 March sets

– Scotland the Brave, 51st Highlanders, Wings
– Horsburgh Castle, At Long Last

2/4 Marches

– High Road to Gairloch, Mairi’s Wedding, The Brown-Haired Maiden
– The Sweet Maid of Glendaurel, Teribus

3/4 Marches

– Pipe Major Angus MacDonald, Castle Dangerous
– Green Hills of Tyrol, When the Battle is O’er, Balmoral

2021 Grade V Quick March Medley

– PM Angus MacDonald, Flett from Flotta, Lord Lovat’s Lament

2021 Grade III Mixed Medley

– June Rollo’s Ronnie, Dr Flora MacAulay of Carradale, Am Breamatain Tobhain Dubh, Sine Bahn, Rodney Hull QC, Sleepy Maggie, Dancing Feet

2021 Grade III March, Strathspey, and Reel

– The Conundrum, Captain Colin Campbell, the Sound of Sleat