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At gigs and competitions, we wear the same uniform. Sometimes the sleeves are short and sometimes long. Sleeve length is usually communicated in TeamSnap on or before the day of.

Buy yourself a black Glengarry:

The band provides a badge for the hat – you pay for the 2nd one if you lose the first

Give the band $50 for 2 grey shirts (a short and long sleeve shirt)

Give the band $25.00 for a tie.

The band provides your kilt. Get with Chris or Steve to provide measurements and we’ll get you a kilt.

The band also provides your vest and sporran. Get with Chris or Steve to provide chest measurements and we’ll get you a vest. The sporran is issued at the same time.

Buy yourself some light grey hose:

Buy yourself some navy flashes:

Buy yourself some black ghillie brogues:

Talk to your band mates about options. There are places to save money and there are places to make sure you favor quality over price. Since you need a kilt, we’ll likely have to purchase one for you. Go here for a measurement guide:

Optional RAIN GEAR

Consider a rain cape:

Search Google or Amazon for silicone shoe covers or rubber shoe covers and you should be able to find something for less than $20.


Consider a black sweater:

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